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Benefits Our Employees Love

At Portent, we pride ourselves on a culture of open communication, fearless accountability, and an ongoing desire to learn. We welcome different ways of thinking and offer a work-life balance that you can brag about, so you come to work refreshed, not drained. We care about the people we hire and are proud to provide the kind of benefits that reflect that.


Our healthcare program provides up to 100% free health insurance, covering both you and your family. We offer a number of health benefits to choose from, designed to make healthy living easier.


We love welcoming new members to the Portent family. We offer 12 weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave, so parents can spend dedicated time with their future digital marketers in training.

401(K) MATCH

We realize you're not just working for today. That's why we match a portion of your 401(K) contributions, making sure your financial future is as bright as your present.


Each year, we reward our top employees with a dream trip. They pick the destination, the activities, and their travel companion- we take care of the rest.


Skip your commute when you need to. Work from a different state when you’re pulled away from home. Or simply work from the comfort of your couch when it's most convenient. We offer flexible work-from-home schedules to help support a healthy work/life balance.


We've developed one of the best wellness programs in the industry (award-winning, in fact!). Our holistic approach looks beyond just fitness and nutrition to provide benefits that contribute to every area of our employees' personal wellbeing.

Life at Portent

We understand the importance of learning, teaching, and giving back. We’re dedicated to making Portent a great place to work, to building careers, and to achieving success, together.


We love all things digital, but we all have passions and interests outside of work, and we want to keep it that way. At Portent, we provide a culture and philosophy that reflects our desire to work to live, not the other way around.


When it comes to career development, we recognize that one size does not fit all. We provide individual-focused career tracks, quarterly reviews, and professional coaching, in an environment that encourages every employee to broaden their knowledge and advance their skills. The career growth stories at Portent are endless- just ask one of our many long-time team members that started with ‘Intern’ in their first job title.


We are dedicated to fostering improvement and continued learning for everyone. That's why we host monthly all-agency training days chock-full of professional development, presentations on industry best practices, and peer review sessions—all topped off with an afternoon happy hour.


We’re active in our community, both as individuals and as a team. We schedule community service outings, and our employees volunteer with causes and organizations that are important to them. We're also proud to work on various pro bono projects with local non-profit clients throughout the year.


From our Client Impact Award to the coveted Big Fish, we love celebrating employees that go above and beyond. We've also got a recognition system that allows employees to thank and praise their colleagues with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, tech gear, and more.


We believe in hard work, but we also believe in having fun. From holiday parties to escape room challenges to trips to the state fair, we provide plenty of opportunities to connect with your coworkers outside of the office.

Our Job Openings

Our team is made up of brilliant marketers, data geeks, developers, and doers. Does this sound like you? Then let's talk.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist

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